Work Experience

Practical experience for new graduates

Gain practical, hands-on experience & care for tiny little babies

The N E S T Work Experience Program

These short term positions are individual to each family and may be paid or on a voluntary basis with the family covering travel expenses. Length of posts can vary from a few days to several weeks dependant on family’s needs and student availability. In return for help the family will offer a written reference on completion of agreed post.

The N E S T Work Experience program is open to all current graduates as well as past alumni. If you are a N E S T graduate and wish to participate in our voluntary work experience program, please feel welcome to submit your details below and we’ll keep you updated as we receive work experience opportunities.

To join the work experience register, a DBS check along with current Paediatric First Aid certificate is required by NEST. Students will obtain hands on practical experience as well as the relevant experience needed to register with agencies; it also gives families extra help and support that might not otherwise be available or affordable.

Feedback from 'NESTers' and Parents

Lucienne Powell

"I was told about NEST by my first maternity nurse who kindly put us in touch with Liz, after chatting to Liz and explaining about my family’s needs she carefully selected a student for us who she thought would best fit in to our home life perfectly. Having had a highly experienced (and costly) Maternity nurse for several weeks first my baby was already in a good routine, however suffering from silent reflux she needed constant care especially at night so I decided that a student would be a more viable option for us as a family.

The student that NEST selected for us was previously a nurse in a special baby care unit in Australia and this was actually to be her first position as a maternity nurse after her training at NEST - not that you would ever have guessed. With her prior knowledge and excellent training at NEST she knew exactly what was expected of her and she got stuck straight in from the moment she walked through the door. Washing & Sterilising bottles, feeding, changing, bathing, playing with baby on a 24/6 basis. Whenever I left the house with the baby there was a bag packed for me with everything I needed. We were so happy with our student we actually extended her stay. Once my student had been with us for a few days, Liz called to check that we were happy and that everything was running smoothly, we really felt looked after and also understood as a family. I cannot recommend this brilliant work experience register highly enough".    Lucienne Powell, London

Natasha Lazari

"Getting in contact with N E S T was like a breath of fresh air. After my first phone call with Liz, she knew exactly what kind of help I needed. She was very supportive and genuinely cared. Even after placing a maternity nurse with me she requested regular updates. I am so thankful that I was able to contact her and would recommend all 'mothers to be' to do the same." Natasha Lazari, London


“After finishing the NEST course in Postnatal Care / Non-medical Maternity Nursing I have used that amazing opportunity to get some work experience with newborn triplets. As a Night Maternity Nurse I was taking care of the three baby-girls from 11pm to 7am and so gave a chance to their parents to take a good night rest. It didn't take me long to feel confident when feeding, burping and changing such a tiny babies. I am glad for this “hands-on” opportunity. Big Thank You to Liz for matching me with this fantastic family." Irena


“Shortly after completing the NEST PNC course, I expressed my interest in getting some work experience to gain some extra confidence and knowledge in order to start working as a postnatal carer/non-medical maternity nurse. I was placed with a really lovely and generous family, who required some help with their 6-7 month old baby while some members of the household would be away. Although she was an older baby, I was able to gain experience with all the basics, i.e. feeding, sterilising, bathing, routines, weaning, and even some sleep training. Having been organised through NEST the mother was aware of my level of experience and was really supportive in helping me to gain all the right experience, similar to that of what I would expect in future roles; while also recognising my prior knowledge. I really felt like part of the family, and was able to learn a lot because without the pressure and expectations of a traditional maternity nurse role. I conversed and discussed any issues with the mother, while also contacting Liz for any extra advice. I couldn't have asked for a better start to my maternity nurse career.” Georgia