Postnatal Care Level 3 Course

Caring for newborns; Supporting "new" mums

PNC Level 3 Course

The NEST Postnatal Carer course offers a complete training programme with on-going tutorial support, advice and guidance.

This courses takes a holistic approach to the significant role a Postnatal Carer plays in supporting both baby and family within the home environment as a private consultant.

Exploring the biology of a new baby is extremely important in opening the door to understanding how the newborn functions.

Sharing this knowledge with new parents essentially aids their voyage of discovery into being able to identify how and why babies behave as they do. This information takes the guess work out of the equation.

Adding the all-important skill of learning communication techniques supports two inter-related areas of care, that of guiding and not directing, and the building of trust as relationships between PNC and parent/s develop.

PNC Level 3 Course Topics

The NEST Level 3 Postnatal Care / Non-Medical Maternity Nursing course covers a wide range of topics.

  • The ‘Whole Role’ of the PNC
  • From hospital to home
  • Your role & responsibilities
  • Newborn care
  • 'New' Mum Care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Formula Feeding
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep & Routine
  • Special babies & mums
  • Multiples
  • Newborn Illnesses
  • Postnatal Depression
  • CRBs
  • PNC Guidelines
  • CPA Guidelines
  • Portfolio Management
  • Becoming self-employed
  • References & Agencies
  • Work Experience Programme

January @ London

January 28 – 29, London Imperial College, South Kensington

February @ London

February 25 – 26, London Imperial College, South Kensington

March @ London

March 25 – 26, London Imperial College, South Kensington

April @ London

April 29 – 30, London Imperial College, South Kensington

  • Amanda Gaynor
    "In 2005 I had the chance to re train and embark on a new and exciting career. I'd always loved babies and, after working with older children for many years, I decided this was my time to do something different. I had the opportunity to train with Kate Cranston-Stephens at N.E.S.T and I've never looked back. I've been very lucky and worked in some fabulous places with super families, doing a job I love. I remember while training one of the things we talked about was the many different roles you experience as a maternity nurse and it is definitely something I've always remembered. You not only join a family at one of the happiest moments of their lives, sometimes it's the saddest, most challenging, frustrating, amazing, funniest, most wanted, highest and lowest times of their lives. Peoples strengths and weaknesses are tested and as a maternity nurse you are there every step of the way, sharing, caring and guiding as much as you can."
    Amanda Gaynor
  • Lucienne Powell

    "I was told about NEST by my first maternity nurse who kindly put us in touch with Liz, after chatting to Liz and explaining about my family’s needs she carefully selected a student for us who she thought would best fit in to our home life perfectly. Having had a highly experienced (and costly) Maternity nurse for several weeks first my baby was already in a good routine, however suffering from silent reflux she needed constant care especially at night so I decided that a student would be a more viable option for us as a family.

    The student that NEST selected for us was previously a nurse in a special baby care unit in Australia and this was actually to be her first position as a maternity nurse after her training at NEST - not that you would ever have guessed. With her prior knowledge and excellent training at NEST she knew exactly what was expected of her and she got stuck straight in from the moment she walked through the door. Washing & Sterilising bottles, feeding, changing, bathing, playing with baby on a 24/6 basis. Whenever I left the house with the baby there was a bag packed for me with everything I needed. We were so happy with our student we actually extended her stay. Once my student had been with us for a few days, Liz called to check that we were happy and that everything was running smoothly, we really felt looked after and also understood as a family. I cannot recommend this brilliant work experience register highly enough".    Lucienne Powell, London

    Lucienne Powell
  • Natasha Lazari

    "Getting in contact with N E S T was like a breath of fresh air. After my first phone call with Liz, she knew exactly what kind of help I needed. She was very supportive and genuinely cared. Even after placing a maternity nurse with me she requested regular updates. I am so thankful that I was able to contact her and would recommend all 'mothers to be' to do the same." Natasha Lazari, London

    Natasha Lazari
  • Irena
    “After finishing the NEST course in Postnatal Care / Non-medical Maternity Nursing I have used that amazing opportunity to get some work experience with newborn triplets. As a Night Maternity Nurse I was taking care of the three baby-girls from 11pm to 7am and so gave a chance to their parents to take a good night rest. It didn't take me long to feel confident when feeding, burping and changing such a tiny babies. I am glad for this “hands-on” opportunity. Big Thank You to Liz for matching me with this fantastic family." Irena
  • Georgia
    “Shortly after completing the NEST PNC course, I expressed my interest in getting some work experience to gain some extra confidence and knowledge in order to start working as a postnatal carer/non-medical maternity nurse. I was placed with a really lovely and generous family, who required some help with their 6-7 month old baby while some members of the household would be away. Although she was an older baby, I was able to gain experience with all the basics, i.e. feeding, sterilising, bathing, routines, weaning, and even some sleep training. Having been organised through NEST the mother was aware of my level of experience and was really supportive in helping me to gain all the right experience, similar to that of what I would expect in future roles; while also recognising my prior knowledge. I really felt like part of the family, and was able to learn a lot because without the pressure and expectations of a traditional maternity nurse role. I conversed and discussed any issues with the mother, while also contacting Liz for any extra advice. I couldn't have asked for a better start to my maternity nurse career.” Georgia
  • Judith Katimbo
    "I just want to thank you for the photo you sent and also for the training we had that weekend. I was so touched and moved to hear all the stories and experience shared.  I was also inspired and determined though the knowledge and the teaching I gained that weekend to work hard and go out there, to be of help to new mums and their new babies. I just can't wait to work hard. Again thank you so much!"
    Judith Katimbo
  • Patty Duff
    "I am back in chilly Johannesburg and ready to tackle my assignments! I absolutely loved the course and think Kate is truly inspiring!"
    Patty Duff
  • Delithea Denton
    "Well done! It's a fantastic course. I recommend it to all my nanny friends."
    Delithea Denton
  • Vanessa Atzori
    "I just wanted to congratulate you for the great workshop that you have created about the role of the Post-natal carer. I enjoyed every single minute of it and later on I would love to participate to the PND workshop. The teacher was just fantastic and her teaching skills and experience have been so valuable to me."
    Vanessa Atzori
  • "I am really enjoying working through the coursework for the Breast feeding module. It is really the in-depth course I had hoped it would be."
  • "Dear NEST, just wanted to say thank you for providing such great courses for all of us working in the childcare industry. So proud to call myself a qualified NEST Post Natal Carer and I look forward to attending more courses."
  • Kelly Carr White
    "I trained with N.E.S.T in September last year. I have to say the training is fantastic. I fully enjoyed my P.N.C course and highly recommend N.E.S.T. I'm planning to top up my level 3 diploma to level 4. I'm also planning to do the sleep training course and multiples course this year. One of my local nanny agencies are posting me an application form and would like to interview me. My future career is looking very promising thanks to N.E.S.T!"
    Kelly Carr White
  • Julia Matthews
    "A belated 'thank you' for all the support and expertise from the training, 29th/30th June. An amazing two days shared with an expert, professional team. Just finished the coursework which although challenging, highly necessary for the standards which N.E.S.T insist you adhere to. Will be meeting with a retired P.N.C. in a few days in the hope of getting a placement in the near future."
    Julia Matthews
  • "Kate’s courses are always extremely professionally presented and delivered. I believe that one of the reasons for the success of this course is her ability to bring out the best in even the most unconfident of learners and to treat each learner with respect."
  • I found the course to be impressive; lectures are informative yet interactive, academic without being too hi-brow, to the point yet substantial. Indeed, I took the opportunity of sitting-in on one of the courses as part of my own continuous professional development.