Caring for Newborns; Supporting "new" Mums

What is a Postnatal Carer / non-medical maternity nurse,
and what do they do?

The Postnatal Carer / non-medical Maternity Nurse plays a tremendously important role in the lives of new mothers and their newborn babies

They provide support, advice and guidance

They may remain in the home until the mother feels confident to care for her own baby

PNC's may choose to work on a consultancy-only basis, and have enjoy the flexibility to negotiate their hours, fees, and contract arrangements

Welcome to N.E.S.T

For over twenty years I have worked within the regime of the young and the very young as a Postnatal Carer / non-medical Maternity Nurse, teacher, researcher and educator. By combining these key ingredients I adapted my research into a training programme for those who wish to enter the specialist field of newborn care as a Postnatal Carer / non-medical maternity nurse.

Kate Cranston-Stephens BA (Hons), DPNC, MdipEd, and founder of NEST

  • "I am really enjoying working through the coursework for the Breast feeding module. It is really the in-depth course I had hoped it would be."
  • "Dear NEST, just wanted to say thank you for providing such great courses for all of us working in the childcare industry. So proud to call myself a qualified NEST Post Natal Carer and I look forward to attending more courses."
  • "Kate’s courses are always extremely professionally presented and delivered. I believe that one of the reasons for the success of this course is her ability to bring out the best in even the most unconfident of learners and to treat each learner with respect."